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Our Pledge of Assurance to you

Our Assurance Pledge

As the Webmaster of BooksIntoCash.Com™, I welcome you to visit this web site if you have some textbooks you would like to be sold. I am pleased to offer you the services herein. If after reading this page, you still have questions about selling textbooks to our service, please don't hesitate to contact me personally (my phone number and contact information is on the contact page), and I will try to answer any questions that you have. I value your concerns about confidentiality, security and privacy. If it will help your confidence in us, please feel free to read booksintocash reviews.

Selling Textbooks Here Is Confidential.

Your confidentiality, privacy, and security, in the competitive field of textbook recycling, are of utmost importance to us. When you use our service, I wish to make it clear that we highly value and respect your privacy; this specifically means that we will never sell your email address or mailing address, nor, if you are a faculty member, will we divulge your name to any of your coworkers (unless, of course, YOU provide us with their contact information and ask us to do so). Read the next paragraph, below, titled "Web Analysis Programs." If you choose to sell your textbooks to our service, the only reason we need a mailing address is to issue payment! Again, we keep your personal information under lock and key!

Web Analysis Programs
From time to time we may use web analysis tools where javascript and cookies are used for statistical analysis, e.g. to monitor visitors' use of this website, favorite pages, pageviews, etc., but rest assured we will never use any personally identifying information gained through the use these tools. Again, as stated in the previous paragraph, the only time we use your name, address, and email address is when YOU provide it to us!

Enjoy Some Peace of Mind!
If you are pleased with the prices I can offer you for your textbooks, and you choose to use our service, please guarantee safe shipment by purchasing insurance on your books you send at the time of mailing. Regarding your assurance that I will issue payment for your books, please remember that not only does Federal Law protect you in that respect, but I intend to maintain the highest possible reputation for this website for many years to come!

Our Book Buying Program Offers Unparalleled Customer Service
When you sell your unwanted books to our service, I oversee every step of the process, from unpacking your shipment at our warehouse, to issuing payment to you. The goal of this website is to not only issue payment, but to have you become another satisfied customer, with payment in hand! Please email me any time if you ever have any questions whatsoever, and I will do my very best to answer them. No form letters whatsoever! This is all part of my assurance to you!


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