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Updates to BooksIntoCash.Com ™

books from textbook buyback

Today, some excellent updates were implemented throughout BooksIntoCash.Com™ to increase user-friendliness, content, and a general feeling of trust. Making these changes results in a website that is easier to use than before, and most of all, more fun to use when you want to sell a stack of books to our textbook buyback online. Among …

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Another Delivery Arrives

book delivery

A photo of one of many deliveries. Today, most of the boxes that arrived were big boxes. It is always nice to receive bigger boxes full of books. Especially when the boxes are well packed, and well taped in accordance with our shipping instructions, because they arrive in better condition than if they weren’t packaged …

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Selling Textbooks Using Our Free Shipping Label

When you have books ready for selling to us, and those are the textbooks we want to buy, you’ll be presented with a “price quote packing slip” that you will print. Printing two copies is important; one copy goes into your shipping parcel, the other copy is for you to keep for your own records. …

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