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We Are Bookbuyers and We Like To Purchase Books From Other "Textbook Buyers"

Bulk Textbook Buyers BuybackFaculty, teaching assistants, and students with new and used college textbooks to sell have already found this site, and are receiving among the highest possible prices found anywhere on the net.

Trying to sell multiple textbooks in bulk?

If you are not an instructor or a student, but are in the book business (e.g. a "textbook buyer" or "book buyers" who buy in bulk), and a bonafide independent college bookbuyer, you MUST contact us first so that we may discuss our terms and conditions with you, and welcome you if you fit our criteria, our college textbook quantity limits (varies book-by-book, from 5 copies to several hundred copies per month per customer, but that may change), and that what you wish to sell to us are ones we are allowed to purchase from you. We forbid booksellers to attempt to circumvent our rules and policies by sending defective books, books missing required accompaniments, or by sending multiple quantities of the same title through various names (e.g. wife, brother, cousin) and doing so may result in those texts being disposed of, or you having to come and personally pick them up as we do not return them. Although all visitors who use Booksintocash are required to abide by our policies, "bookdealers," in particular agree to be assessed an administrative fee of not less than $100.00 for any extra time, trouble, or resources involved when violating our policies (bookdealers are presumed to 'know' more about books, book specifications and requirements, more than the average student). Further, you are required to read, understand, and agree to our legal page in its entirety, as well as understand and agree that for any reason (or without reason), we may choose to send the books back to you that you have shipped to us, instead of purchasing them from you, and that you will hold us harmless, without fault.

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College Bookstores

We love purchasing overstock from on-campus and off-campus college bookstores. We understand that when instructors provide required textbook lists to their college bookstores, those stores will subsequently obtain quantities of new or used books for the students. In some cases, a portion of those may not get used for whatever reason. Whenever a book store has an overstock condition, they are very welcome to contact us with whatever quantity of new or used texts they have to sell. We have the ability to consider using various logistics and shipping methods including the use of next day and second day services, ground and freight trucking delivery methods (we've received shipments of books by the pallet), as well as various postal methods. When a bookstore sends us books (whether it be one used textbook or a shipment of 500 books on a pallet), our processing and turnaround time is extremely fast. Payment is sent within one day of our speedy processing! College campus bookstores do not need to contact us ahead of time for permission to send multiple quantities of text books as long as no quantity alert appears during price quote packing slip creation. When our preprogrammed maximum quantity of a textbook is exceeded, what will happen is a window will appear informing you of the maximum allowable quantity of that particular book, and your quantitity will be automatically adjusted. So, for example, if you enter a quantity of "50" but our maximum quantity on that book is "25," then it say something like, "sorry, we can only accept 25 copies of that book," and the quantity will be reduced to 25. However (this is important) just because you see that alert does not mean we don't want 50 copies of that book! What it means is that you must contact us, first, if you want to send more than our allowable maximum. Contacting us shouldn't take you more than a couple minutes, and we will then check our college textbook supply-and-demand sources and let you know right away, either "YES, send all of the books!" or, "No, we'll just take 20 copies." In fact, this rule of thumb of ours goes for independent bookbuyers and book dealers, too — don't be afraid to contact us. We appreciate up-front customers, and obviously, we love buying textbooks (we've been buying books online for well over ten years). So, if a quantity alert does appear, simply email us or telephone us for the fastest response. Our telephone number, email, and mailing address is found on our contact page.

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