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BooksIntoCash buys textbooks. We have chosen the unique specialty of buying textbooks online from students, faculty, and academics who wish to sell books via the web. We are an online "textbook buyback" website that focuses our attention on creating a venue whereby our visitors can easily and quickly sell texts while receiving among the highest possible prices on the net.

How do I receive payment for unwanted textbooks?
This website begins with an instant quote form which allows you to input the ISBN numbers located on the outside back cover of your textbooks. You can type them in any order, with spaces, without spaces, any way you wish. After you click the Sell Books button, price quotes will be instantly displayed.

Can you explain the Price-Quote Chart?
The Price Quote Chart is how we display the prices we offer for your books. Prices are updated slightly once a month, so by printing out this chart, enclosing it with your books, and shipping within the time allotted on the price quote chart, it insures you will receive payment exactly as quoted. The rest of the chart shows the complete book information to match the ISBN numbers you've typed in. The last two columns of the chart show the prices you will receive if the books arrive in NEW or USED condition.

What does the Order Number at the top of the chart mean?
After you've finished pricing your books, you will click the button titled, "Create Packing Slip." Your Order Number will then appear at the top of the chart. This is simply a reference number for you in case you needed to ask us questions about your shipment. For example, if you shipped your books on Monday, and on Wednesday you want to know if your books have arrived, you would go to our Order Status page and enter the Order Number to find out if your books arrived.

What if the Price Quote Chart displays a book with accompaniments (Must Have Access Code....Must Have CD... etc.)?
Many books do NOT need any required accompaniments; the ones that DO need the accompaniments are clearly indicated on our price quote chart (usually in bold red lettering). For those books, you must include those accompaniments to receive payment! If you choose to send those book anyway, you are agreeing that those textbooks will not be returned to you under any circumstances, and that you will accept our discretionary spot-price which is anywhere from zero-value to about one-half the normal quoted price. Please understand that if you attempt to sell your books to us without the required accompanying materials, you understand that you're taking a chance we won't be able to pay anything for those, and that if you don't wish to take that risk, it is best not to send those.

What does a listing of "0.00," or "books not found" indicate?
This means that for some reason, we are not currently purchasing that particular textbook at this time. One reason may be that the book is, "out-of-date." Please do not send those, "0.00," or, "don't send," books. They'll be discarded and not returned.

Can you explain the grading of textbooks "new" and "used?"
We make every effort to grade as many books as, "new," as possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us! However, many books end up being graded as, "used," since to receive a, "new," grading, books must be in *perfect* condition upon arrival at our facility: with no visible wear, writing, bent corners, dented corners, shelf wear, or damage whatsoever. Otherwise, books we buy from you will be priced at the, "used," price. The length of time you've had your books has no bearing on our grading. What is relevant is the condition of your textbooks upon arrival at our warehouse. Please understand that it is ultimately in our best interest to grade as many books as, "new," as possible, because the more money you receive for your books, the happier you will be with our service, thereby increasing the chance you will become a repeat customer! Since we cannot return used textbooks to you which you expected to be graded as new, it is your responsibility to pack your new books very carefully, following our shipping instructions on our shipping page.

Can a book be old, and still be new?
Yes! The grading and pricing of books as NEW or USED has nothing to do with the copyright date, i.e. a book with a 1975 copyright date can be graded as NEW if it arrives in pristine condition, but a book with a year 2002 copyright, however, might be graded as USED if the book is worn, written in, or scratched.

Are books with highlighting or writing allowed?
Please count the number of pages on which your book is written in or highlighted. 5 pages or less? No problem! But, if there are more than 5 pages highlighted, please contact us, first, for approval. Under no circumstances will we purchase workbooks or study-guides with writing on more than 5 pages. Books with an excessive and outrageous amount of highlighting or writing may be graded as damaged, subject to our discretion.

Why do some textbooks have two ISBN numbers on the back cover?
Books with two ISBN numbers on the back cover almost always have a notation next to each ISBN number indicating which ISBN number goes to the book you have in front of you. It is very important to enter the correct ISBN number for pricing -- otherwise, you agree your book may be requoted upon arrival at our facility, at our sole and non-negotiable discretion. If you have any questions or concerns about which is the correct ISBN number, then please feel free to contact us for a very quick reply. Learn more about ISBN numbers.

Some textbooks say ANNOTATED and some are written in, and some are a bit beat up. Which ones will you buy?
We don't buy Annotated books with teacher-only answers in them. One of the guidelines that we follow is a common-sense guideline: we want to buy almost any regular, good-condition student-version current-edition textbook that a university's bookstore would allow to be sold to a student. If you have any question whether we can buy your book or not, simply email us! Otherwise, you risk having your book re-quoted or discarded-without-payment upon arrival.Are you a member of faculty with books? If you are interested in our book resources, please choose one of these: faculty book resources and book buyers resources.

Do you buy other books, or just textbooks?
We focus on purchasing college textbooks. However, if you have books that you wish to sell, and you are not sure if they are considered, "textbooks," or not, please feel free to enter the ISBN numbers into our website. If a price value appears, then we can buy them!

Shipping Policies and methods.
First and foremost, don't delay! We've promised to be fast, but you have to be fast, too, and ship your books within the number of days allotted on the Official Packing Slip to avoid a re-quote. The good news is that we've made it simple: Pack the books tightly in a sturdy box, like the kind of box "copy machine paper" comes in, tape it well, and affix our shipping label. Take the shipment to any post office, including franchised ones, or your local campus post office, and they will accept the parcel. Then, when your books arrive at our warehouse, payment is issued quickly.

Payment: How fast is it? What form is it sent?
With few exceptions (discrepancies, delays, etc.), payment is usually mailed within one day of our speedy processing. We are very fast! You have to be fast and ship to us within 3 days, but we are even faster! We begin processing your shipment the same day it arrives. After your shipment is processed, the amount is quickly tallied and payment is sent in the form of a check. I frequently get asked, "Is payment sent in the form of a credit, or, a real check?" The answer is: a real check! NOTE: We send payment to whatever name and address you type onto your Price Quote Packing Slip. Therefore, make sure you've typed your address correctly, because that is where we send payment.

Canada: Can I sell textbooks from Canada?
Yes! We welcome books from Canada. The only problem is that shipping is a bit more expensive from Canada. Although we are happy to help reimburse the United States Postal Service Media Mail rate on books we buy, sometimes the excess you have to cover may not make it "worth it" to sell us your books. We understand.

I don't have a printer available. Is that okay?
No problem. You WILL have to do some extra work, though. You can click HERE to receive detailed instructions. A printer is helpful for two things: to print out the price quote page as a packing slip, and to print the "printable shipping label." But, if you do not have a printer, you MUST do these three things:
- Clearly hand-write your return address onto your box.
- Clearly hand-write our shipping address onto your box:
    49 East Weile Ave
    Spokane Washington 99208-6537
- Handwrite on a piece of paper, exactly as viewed, the full Price Quote Chart which was displayed when you submitted your textbook ISBN numbers for quotes. Then enclose that handwritten chart in with your books. We'll process your shipment exactly as if you enclosed a computer-printed chart.

When I print the packing slip or shipping label, the side gets, "cut off."
There are a couple settings in your computer's print dialog box you can check, depending on what kind of computer you are using. Make sure as many of the following are, "check-marked," in your printer's property/dialog window: "Fit To Page," "Shrink Pages To Fit, and "Centered." If that doesn't work, you can always put a checkmark in, "Landscape Mode," and then your page will print out lengthwise.

What if I don't enclose a packing slip, because I don't have the time?
We don't recommend this. We will most definitely issue payment, but it will only be a nonnegotiable estimate of our current prices. If you send books without enclosing the printed price quote chart, or a handwritten price quote chart, you agree to accept whatever we choose to pay you. Every effort will be made to issue you a fair price, however!

Sometimes the Shipping Label doesn't show my name or address. What do I do?
If you are using a newer internet web-browser, you'll notice that you can automatically generate an image of our free shipping label with your name and address appearing in the, "return address," field. This is simply a feature of convenience. It is perfectly acceptable to handwrite your name and address into the, "return address," field. Just be sure to handwrite clearly!

How many DUPLICATE copies of the same book can I send? Do you want multiple quantities?
Yes! We love multiple quantities. Some parts of this website may still mention maximum quantities of 5 or 20 or 25 copies, but as of July 2015, we have a new system in place: on the price quote chart, simply enter in the quantity of duplicates that you have. If an alert pops up saying you have exceeded our maximum, then reduce your quantity (don't try and circumvent our rules, otherwise you agree to be liable for shipping and administrative costs). However, if no alert pops up, then everything is fine. This way, there is no guessing, and no having to limit yourself to just sending 5 copies. However, as a common-sense measure, we require you email us before sending MORE than 100 (one hundred) copies of the same book. If you have MORE duplicates than our maximum quantity, simply email us and we will see if we can override our limits for you.

How do I insure the books? Can you explain in detail?
We recommend going to any actual US Post office, or a US Post Office satellite location, because the knowledgeable clerk will help you insure your parcel by giving you an Insurance Form. The clerk will give you an insurance receipt with a tracking number and activate insurance. So, if the books get lost, an insurance claim can be filed for reimbursement. However, if you go into a franchised "shipping center," or "mail box shop," like those found in malls, they may not be able to provide US Postal Service Insurance. If you ever have any questions at your post office, always ask for, "the supervisor." They are usually most happy to help.

How about UPS (United Parcel Service), or other shipping companies?
Using the US Postal Service class of mail called "Media Mail" helps keep our costs down so that we can pay you our highest possible prices. But if for any reason, you choose a more expensive shipping option, then upon arrival of your parcel, we'll consider reimbursement based on an estimate of what the US Postal Service "Media Mail" rate would have been.

Can I get my books back if I changed my mind?
We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you absolutely need your books back, and we haven't already issued payment, we may be able to send your books back to you, as long as you are willing to discuss how to cover the extra shipping costs. However, if you have gone ahead and sent us books which are described to have no value on our Price Quote Packing Slip Chart, we cannot return those books to you under any circumstances. So, please send your books with the intention of receiving payment for them; not getting them back at a later date! Remember to pack your new-condition textbooks carefully, because if you're expecting a, "new," grading price, and it arrives at our warehouse in used condition, you must accept our, "used," price payment, as we cannot return those books to you either.

What about my privacy? Is this service confidential?
Unless you willingly involve other parties in your transaction, or unless we feel there's a valid reason, we have no intention of discussing your transactions with your peers, friends, or colleagues (or even people, "claiming" to be your friend or colleague). Rest assured we never sell your email address, or put you on automated promotion lists, so please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have. State-of-the-art security measures are in place.

Outline exactly what happens, from when I take my books to the post office, to the time I receive payment.
- You bring books to any US Post Office or franchised location.
- At the post office, you will fill out an insurance tracking label.
- An insurance tracking receipt is given to, activating the built-in insurance.
- Your box of books travel via insured US Mail to our warehouse.
- When your books arrive, we sign for it, then unpack your books.
- We confirm that your books match your enclosed packing slip.
- Each textbook is examined and graded as to their condition.
- We calculate the total, using your enclosed packing slip for pricing.
- Payment is issued quickly to the name and address you've specified on your packing slip.
- If you provided your email address on the shipping label, we will be able to keep you informed whenever you request the status of your shipment, and we can let you know that your books arrived safely, and payment has been issued.

We have streamlined the process to give you the best, fastest service possible. Thank you for exploring BooksIntoCash! If you have any more questions, please contact us for a fast reply.
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