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Shipping Instructions, about our free shipping.

Shipping: How we make it Simple and Free!

We are proud to announce that starting this month of June, we are transitioning towards partnering with a new shipping company (it's top secret... but here's a hint: it'll be FedEx or UPS!). So please stay tuned! In a few days or weeks, we'll be unveiling our new Shipping Label! Although there won't be our Downloadable Media Mail Label during this transition, WE WILL CONTINUE TO OFFER FREE SHIPPING by reimbursing the Media Mail rate you pay at the post office on the books we buy from you!

Here's some more info about our Free Shipping:
When you've used this website to create a "Sell Order," an Official Price Quote Packing Slip will appear for you to print and enclose with your books. There will also be a button to click where you create a Shipping Label to affix to your parcel. (Don't worry -- all this happens automatically when you finish creating a Sell Order.) When that Shipping Label appears, you will be presented with a set of instructions. Here is that exact list of instructions:
boxes on cartSHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ~ getting FREE shipping:
1.) Pack books tightly in box. Use plenty of tape — top, bottom, and especially around the perimeter.
2.) Enclose the Packing Slip in your box with the books. The "Packing Slip" is the previous page that said "Official Packing Slip" across the top, with your name address and all of our Price Quotes.
Carefully cut out the Shipping Label above, and affix it to your parcel (this label is important for our speedy processing).
4.) After you've sealed your box with lots of tape, it's ready to bring to any Post Office and ship via "Media Mail."

What's "MEDIA MAIL?"
Media Mail is a class of mail especially for books. Just like "airmail" means "by plane," Media Mail is especially for textbooks! When you present your box to the Postal Clerk, just say "Media Mail." When your package arrives, we'll reimburse the Media Mail rate on the books we buy by either looking at the dollar-amount on the stamp, or by weighing your parcel and using the same Rate Chart the Post Office uses. This amount will be added to your book total.

Can "Priority Mail" or "Overnight Mail" be used?
Yes! In fact, you can use any shipping style or shipping company — like FedEx or UPS — and when your box gets here, we'll reimburse whatever the USPS Media Mail rate would have been if you had used Postal Media Mail.

illustration of insurance labelillustration of insurance label
Although all Media Mail now comes with automatic tracking, we cannot be responsible for loss or damage caused by the US Postal Service. So you might want to buy insurance at the time of shipping. Though we don't reimburse insurance, it may be a wise purchase for you, as it may be your only recourse should something go wrong. Some customers never insure their parcels. Others always insure; while some even choose to partially insure their shipments.
*Terms, non-buyable books, and excess weight...
Having bought books online for nearly two decades, we have earned, literally, an A+ reputation. The spirit of this page is that we want to buy your books SO MUCH that we want to cover your Media Mail shipping as described above. However, there may come a time when a dispute may arise. Although we will strive for a very fair and customer-satisfaction oriented decision, you understand and agree that by shipping your books to us, you allow us to have the final and arbitrary decision as to the amount of reimbursement. We won't be reimbursing shipping on things we aren't buying from you — including excessively heavy packing materials (one customer used an old heavy 5-pound pair of jeans as packing material!), defective books, books we don't offer a price on, and books missing accompaniments. As explained above, any reimbursement would be on books we actually buy from you. We will be using common sense. Please use common sense, as well.

A Fair Question: "You say you'll reimburse us. How do we know you won't rip us off?" A Fair Answer: We literally have tens of thousands of cusgtomers... maybe even into the hundreds of thousands. Think for a moment the HUGE ramifications of ripping even ONE customer off! For what?!? 5 bucks postage? Oh my goodness... it wouldn't even be CLOSE to being "worth it." How would we ever have been able to build our A+ reputation? How would we ever get repeat business? It's a fair question, a good one to ask. But from a business standpoint, our first priority is doing our best to make sure our customers are happy. And, you can always email us (click here) if you need further reassurance.

Pack tightly: Please don't use excessive packing material to compensate for a box of college textbooks packaged too loosely. We've found that books travel best when the textbooks are packed flat (book spines toward the left or right sides of the box) and tightly (tear and bend the boxtop down if box too big). If you do this, there will be no extra space around the books and they won't slide around within the box during transit. This way, the books have a greater chance of arriving in the same condition as when you ship them, and, it is an easier and quicker method of packing the textbooks you wish to sell.

textbooks and the environmentUpdate: Textbook Shipping and the Environment: We want year 2015 to be as friendly to the environment as possible. We are already keeping the environment in mind by purchasing unwanted books from our customers and recycling those textbooks into the marketplace where they may get a new life by getting used by other students; we feel this is better than those textbooks being thrown out and ending up in a landfill somewhere. When it comes to packing your books for shipment to us, we hope our customers also keep the environment in mind: if you feel you must use packing material, please consider using recyclable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging products and optimize their use by ensuring the box or package you are using fits the books. Using the books in box "books in box" example, if you are selling some used textbooks and you have different sized boxes to choose from, it's wisest to pick the box that fits the books. We realize that you may not have a perfect-sized container handy — maybe all you have is a box that is too tall. Rather than fill up all that extra space inside the box with packing materials, simply put the books in the box, tear the sides down and fold over the top before securely taping the box shut. Less packaging material means less weight; and shipping a box that weighs less optimizies transportation resources, saves fuel, and ultimately helps our environment!
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