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Welcome to BooksIntoCash.Com. This page is about textbooks. We know that our website would be complete with an overview like this. Therefore, let us begin with the basics:

Definition of a textbook: A textbook is generally a book that is used to assist in the learning of a topic which may be taught in an educational environment such as a college or university. The textbook will usually be associated with the topic of learning, and used in the assistance of learning related material.

Textbooks can also be used a reference. The information found in may be used to actively assist one's learning. However, a student or faculty member may decide to keep some of them available for anticipated future reference (that's why, sometimees, they can be refered to as, "reference books." Please review this picture:

Picture of a Textbook

Texts may be sold: if a student or professor feels that an edition no longer has enough value (importance, measurable worth) to maintain in their collection, there is always an option to consider: they can be sold. There are many ways to sell them. BooksIntoCash.Com focuses on buying unwanted textbooks online. We welcome the sales of academic books from all over the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, and anywhere else throughout America. The process of selling to our website is fast and straightforward. In fact, it is easy! We purchase nearly any current edition. If what you have is a current-edition, but is not showing up on our Price Quote Chart, please feel free to contact us regarding how to sell that particular item. In the next section, we will give a brief overview of some topics.


AccountingThis includes business, business mathematics, advanced accounting, intermediate accounting, accounting theory, and introductory accounting.
BiologyThis includes general biology, introductory biology, oceanography, ecology, plant physiology, horticulture, advanced biology, biological science, and intermediate biology.
BusinessThis includes any textbook having to do with business, including business management, business ethics, human resource management, managing human resources, labor relations, entrepreneurship, introductory business, intermediate business, advanced business, financial planning, and personal finance.
ChemistryThis would include biochemistry, advanced chemistry, introductory and intermediate chemistry, as well as textbooks on lab experiments.
CommunicationThe topic of communication includes communication theory, the art of communiating, debate, speech, and being relaxed while communicating your thoughts. Communication is a great subject.
EducationThis would include educational instruction, education, educational administration, becoming a teacher, and educating people. Once you have been educated, you may wish to either keep or sell your text books.
EnglishEnglish topics may be grammer, reading, punctuation, writing paragraphs, determining where to put a comma, and various english-related topics. You can sell english textbooks if you don't need them any more.
HistoryHistory is a broad subject including historical ideas, pre-history, historical events, the ancient civilizations, civilian thoughts and theories, the history of art, and the history of a great deal of things. History can truly be an exciting subject.
MathematicsThe exciting topic of mathematics may include algebra, calculus, geometry, differential calculus, analytic geometry, counting, fractions, triangles and squares. Mathematics can be a very fun subject, especially if you like counting.
PhysicsChemistry, physics, and biology are science related subjects. Physics studies many things including particles, atoms, and how things fall. If an apple falls out of a tree, will it hit the ground?
MechanicsThis includes mechanical topics, gears, bridges, and concrete structures that use mechanical parts.
Data compiled March 20, 2011

We invite you to contact us if you have further data and documentation that you feel may be added to this page. Thank you!
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