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We are proud to offer fresh new content and updates every day. Information on our buying service are updated frequently, so we've created this page for our brand new and old time customers who sell their textbooks to us. These are just a few of the developments, advancements and improvements that go on every day behind the scenes at BooksIntoCash.Com™. Please enjoy this sampling of enhancements, and feel free to come back frequently.

March 8, 2015: Booksintocash.Com has been working on a "textbook directory" where our visitors may browse through a list of college books that we may be interested in purchasing. So rather than inputting individual ISBN numbers into our website to see if we buy those books, a more relaxed way to peruse large quantities of textbooks could be to simply browse; then picking and choosing becomes easier. Creating a directory takes a lot of work! Here are the categories we have come up with. The categories that are underlined have been completed. When you check back in the future, more textbook directory categories will be clickable: Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Art, Business, Canadian editions, Chemistry, Communication, Computers, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Finance, Fundamentals, Health, Introductions, language, Law, Learning, Literature, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Nursing, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religion, Researching, Science, Sociology, Statistics, Teaching, Technology, and Writing.

December 26, 2013: We have been working on a brand new directory of textbooks. This textbook directory consists of a list of topics (everything from algebra to business, and from technology to writing). By selecting any one of the directory topics, various lists of important textbooks will be displayed on the next page. Every single book listed in our directory is a college textbook you can sell to Booksintocash.Com. Some books are listed alphabetically, some are listed by title and author, and nearly all of them have an ISBN number, or a corresponding EAN number. If you have a stack of books for us to buy, and you find one of those texts listed in our "textbook directory" buying list, then all you would need to do is click the button to indicate you want to sell your book. If you wish to use our directory to sell your textbooks, that is fine. Otherwise, you are welcome to input the ISBN numbers from your books into the window on the front page to view our purchasing prices for your media. We are eagerly looking forward to what year 2014 will bring. Hopefully, we will be buying so many books that students will have even more opportunity to purchase both new and used booklets, 3-ring binder versions, hardbacks, and paperbacks.

January 19, 2013: What a wonderful year! Year 2012 seemed to be an exceedingly wonderful year for both bookbuyers and sellers. Having the opportunity to take some time off, the owner of this website was able to visit a very large university in Oregon during the winter holiday buyback season. So many students were lined up (sometimes the line reached all the way to the street), and each had at least one text tucked under their arm. Most were carrying big stacks either in front of them, or in a large bag or backpack. Perhaps that is why college gear companies try to make really good quality bagging products. No complaints were heard, and everyone seemed happy. The students were happy, and the bookstore was probably very happy that they were able to buy so many books. Lots of people feel this is a good thing, because the more the store is able to buy, the more opportunities there are to recycle those books right back to the students, locally, right on campus. There was even a large recycling bin for textbooks that couldn't be purchased (because they were out of date, or no longer used), as well as a "recycle paper" container. Booksintocash.Com has always been a fan of recycling when possible. For example, a university in Oregon has a "zero waste" where students and faculty do their best to help the environment. Of course, in addition to the option of local buybacks right at one's own college or university, there's excellent online options to sell books (like the website you're reading,, so one way or another, there seems to be progressively more ways to improve or help the environment as well as make each year better for both buyers and sellers.

March 25, 2012: Well, nothing new at all, other than making this site even more user friendly, adding new content, and making it even better. Being on line for over 12 years has given us the opportunity to perfect this web site. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you like or don't like about this site. Otherwise, spring is well on the way, and we are welcoming many new customers every day!

February 12, 2012: With the great deal of books being purchased, bought, and sold from students and graduates throughout every state in North America, we are proud of a brand new addition to this book-buying website: a new page titled "Sell College Textbooks" has been added! It is a full-sized illustrated page discussing how individuals in college may be considering selling their texts via the web, direct sales to other students, or through a college campus bookstore or bookshop. Though many instructors or faculty members require that their students obtain educational materials for their classes, many individuals are happy to buy used media. So, when university or college academics use this website for selling stuff, the books that are sold may get recycled and reused by others who may need those particular texts. This is something that many feel is a neat way of recycling.

reference booksJanuary 5, 2012: The new quarter and the new semester is here for many colleges and universities, which means there are a lots of students selling their new or used textbook. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between new and a used? When customers use our site, we have our definition of what we consider new, and what we consider as "used" as it relates to our grading when we buy academic media from students. That's because we may offer a higher buying price for the new condition that we describe, than the used condition (although we like buying both new and used books). With the new January term well underway at numerous educational institutions, we look forward to a continued focus on an excellent customer service experience when we purchase from students and faculty.

December 3, 2011: With a brand new college semester approaching, we have a great new update: in anticipation of buying lots of textbooks in the near future, we have updated our inbound receiving system so that each shipment can be processed efficiently. Efficient processing includes keeping our processing facility clean, tidy, and spotless (we even package boxes on pallets pallet of books perfectly), as well as making sure that each of our customers are paid quickly when they use our service. Because instructors, professors, and faculty are giving lots of exams, we know how important educational activities such as study and research can be. Therefore, the more efficiently we can buy from students who sell here, the faster these reference materials may be recycled into the marketplace and made available to those who wish to read from them. We admire the college and university students who so diligently and studiously enroll in and attend educational institutions.

November 12, 2011: Great Announcement: We have added up to 1,000 (yes, one thousand) new titles to our college textbook buyback database. Many of those titles are brand new editions that quite a few students are currently using for their university and college courses (or may be using this upcoming quarter, semester, or in the near future). Because of our well-respected extensive experience and well-established ability to provide price quotes that are appreciated by many, we are happy to be here when students or academics want to sell their new editions using our online service. We are confident that your experience here may result in a very enjoyable and successful book sale. When it comes to selling educational materials here, we will continue doing our very best to keep our buying database up to date with thousands of textbook titles, isbns, authors, editions, and price quotes available for your selling needs. As a bonus, we have provided an informational demonstration of what a price quote might look like, if this were a textbook you are wanting to sell:

TitleBook's AuthorEditionISBN NumberNew BooksNew PriceUsed BooksUsed PriceEraseBuyback Price
The New or Used Textbook's TitleAuthor's Name Here1ST '0345678901230$10.001$9.00$9.00
Example of a price quote

November 7, 2011: We have recently been receiving a number of educational university and college editions in very good condition. Whether you sell new or sell used, we really appreciate your business. Many of our customers (various college students, individuals, book sellers, academics) have been doing an excellent job of packaging their shipments. We like to see a lot of care put into preparing a box or a mailer for shipping. To us, using a lot of care means that it's a good idea to use an appropriate amount of tape to securely seal the container (so that when it arrives, we may say that that your shipment contains well packaged books "well packaged books"), enough so that it is adequately secure for shipping. Books seem to travel best when they are placed flat inside a box, rather than stacked vertically (because of the bindings). So when we receive a nice shipment packaged carefully in a good quality container, rest assured that we appreciate the care you've taken to do your packaging, and that we also appreciate you have chosen to use our service for your selling needs.

November 1, 2011: The month of November is here, and it may be time to try and sell old textbooks you don't need any more. With winter approaching and a new quarter or semester starting up at college, we are buying every volume we can offer prices for. We have updated our price quotes page to reflect some of the new editions we are buying. Our buyback continues to be an excellent resource for academics of all kinds:
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Graduates
  • Former students
  • Professors
  • Teaching assistants.
Feel free to add your name to our buying list!

October 28, 2011: More than 50 new titles have been added to our database today. Adding book titles to our buying lists helps keep our data up to date, so when our visitors want to sell to us, there's now an even better chance we will have buying prices to display on our "price quote" page. We've also enhanced our information for book buyers on our "bulk textbook sellers" page to let our customers know we are happy to purchase even more than the multiple quantities of texts allowed on our buyback page (currently set at twenty identical copies of the same book) as long as you contact us first, so that we can check the supply and demand on those new or used editions.

October 25, 2011: Today, we added seven new titles to our listing of college media that we purchase. Every day we review a number of the prices that we offer. Also, we have opened up some further space at our receiving facility to accomodate larger deliveries. We are thankful and appreciative of all the great comments we continue to receive from our customers. Here are a few comments we recently received (the first comment received just a few hours ago):

1.) "Service is excellent. Thanks!"
Our reply: We appreciate you selling books to our service.

2.) "The site was so simple and fast. I'll be shipping my books out tomorrow and as long as I receive my check as anticipated, I'll continue using booksintocash for the remainder of my school career along with recommending you to everyone I know."

3.) "This was unbelievably easy. I'll be back."
We answer: Thank you for using our buyback service.

October 24, 2011: We have added an "updates" page to BooksIntoCash.Com™, and we are currently optimizing the download speed of this website so that when our customers are wanting to sell their textbooks to our textbook buyback service, the pricing page loads quickly, usually less than one-half of a second. For example, this page took .0000735 seconds to generate.
Five of the most recent textbook buyback titles looked up:
ISBN 0840032986: Cognitive Neuroscience
ISBN 0763747882: Evidence Collection Field Guide
ISBN 0471430447: Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics
ISBN 1418030791: Commercial Greenhouse
ISBN 0300151411: Aeneid (Trans Ruden) (paperback)
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