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The concept of customer service is important to us. When we speak of this type of service, we mean doing our best to process their shipments as quickly as possible, and trying to provide a high level of attention to making sure everything is done right so that we get repeat business. In fact, we updated our home page a bit today, to discuss some things about book sales, and a few notes about how we try our very best to provide some really excellent customer service, sending payment for the books we purchase from our customers quickly, and a photo of nicely-done book-box packaging. When our customers have lots of books to sell to us, we want them to arrive in as close to the condition as they were sent in. Many textbook sellers have brand new books, books in 100% pristine, perfect condition. Nothing is worse than having a box arrive, all broken open, with the corners of all the books smooshed in, and then seeing that the customer was expecting the “new” price because they were new when they packed them, but didn’t do a good packing job. For example, using a couple wadded up pieces of paper as packing material, like that’s going to protect the book during shipping. Or, sending the books in a pizza box, with pizza still in it. Well, that’s another story. (More stories to come, maybe…). Most of the time, our customers do a fantastic job packing their books, and we appreciate it very much!

Over the years, we’ve had relatively few questions from our visitors. That shows that we have done a great job making things very self-explanatory and well planned. To assure our customers that we do our very best, we even included a “terms and conditions” page which tells a little about how we do things. We try to be one of the best sell textbooks websites out there, and as always, we welcome comments and thoughts.

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  • Brian and family says:

    I would like to thank you for yoru exemplary customer service. I am very satisfied with the quality of your website and the speed at which you processed my used textbook shipment. My brother and sister also sold textbooks to you and you purchased them all very quickly, so my whole family is pleased with your online book buyback. Thank you again!

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