We are pleased to announce that the first part of July has been exceptionally busy, with lots of textbooks arriving each day. Books on music, mathematics, chemistry, biology, science, and others have been arriving with great frequency. Our customers have been very pleased on the additional attention we give to each and every shipment to ensure the speedy processing of each book parcel that shows up. We continue to appreciate our repeat customers visiting our site to see if their books can be sold here. So many parcels have arrived this month that we started listing some of the subjects next to the letters of the alphabet:

  • A: Art, architectural science.
  • B: Biology, breadmaking.
  • C: Chemistry textbooks, construction management.
  • D: Designing software.
  • E: Education, english.
  • F: French language.
  • G: German language, german grammar.
  • H: Health, history books.
  • M: Management.
  • S: Sales management.

We look forward to continuing this announcement tomorrow, and every day this week.


  • Michael says:

    Thanks for the announcement. I have a lot of history books that I would like to sell. I hope other students can get some use out of them. I sure did. I think I memorized more than half my textbook.

  • Vincer2005 says:

    I like your blog. It is a good reference, and I feel the information is important!

    • David says:

      I try to do my best. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ located on the question and answer page.

  • Simone and Sharon says:

    We’ve been using your website for a long time and have always been really pleased with the customer service. Your announcement comes at a good time. Whenever I think of my college classes, I always remember how my professor says to make sure to take good notes. My math book is full of notes and written details. If you add up all the notes I’ve made, it can full a notebook. In fact, the number of lists I made is actually larger then the study guide and lab manual that I used for class. So when I stack up my math, history, and study notes to pack in to the shipping carton, it is nice and full. Then I take it to the university post office.

  • Sarahkhaio says:

    When will you give more details on shipping?

  • W. Hathaway says:

    Congratulations on your recent announcement. When you purchased my textbooks, you’ve offered among the best customer service that I’ve seen. I hope you continue doing buyback. Pretty soon, I’ll have to buy more reading material.

  • Tim says:

    Nice work.

  • Warren K. says:

    Visiting your blog is the highlight of my day. Your booksintocash website is bookmarked on my computer, and sometimes I visit your online site two or three times every day. That’s almost 500 times a semester. The announcement you made is now on my calendar, with extra notes. I have two calendars, one with notes, and the other for my reference. April, May, and June are my favorite months to visit your website because that is near spring break when I can use the cash.

  • Abby9238 says:

    I am learning a ton of information about textbooks from these neat posts you have made on your blog.

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