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ISBN numbers and EAN numbers

What’s that barcode on the back of my used textbook really mean? What’s that striped code on the backs of textbooks? That’s the “barcode.” A scanner converts that barcode into either a 10 digit ISBN number, or a 13 digit EAN number. Nowadays, most textbooks use the 13-digit EAN number which usually begin with the

About customer service

The concept of customer service is important to us. When we speak of this type of service, we mean doing our best to process their shipments as quickly as possible, and trying to provide a high level of attention to making sure everything is done right so that we get repeat business. In fact, we

Another Delivery Arrives

A photo of one of many deliveries. Today, most of the boxes that arrived were big boxes. It is always nice to receive bigger boxes full of books. Especially when the boxes are well packed, and well taped because they arrive in better condition than if they weren’t packaged well. For example, it’s not good

Our Processing Facility

Some potential customers might be interested in where their books go when they send them to us. What does our facility look like? What is the layout like? In the near future, we may have some photos to post, but for now, here is an artist’s rendition of our processing facility. If you have any


We are pleased to announce that the first part of July has been exceptionally busy, with lots of textbooks arriving each day. Books on music, mathematics, chemistry, biology, science, and others have been arriving with great frequency. Our customers have been very pleased on the additional attention we give to each and every shipment to