Booksintocash.Com™ Really Likes To Buy Textbooks

Booksintocash.Com™ wants to buy your textbooks when they show up on the price quote packing slip page with a total of at least $10.00. This website has a shipping page where you can print a free online shipping label. Instructions are given on how to insure your package at the post office. When you package your textbooks for shipping, use a good sturdy package or box and feel free to use plenty of tape; there should be enough tape to prevent the parcel from splitting open on the sides, top, or bottom. If the box splits on the top, books can fall out of the top. If the box splits on the bottom, the textbooks can fall out of the bottom of the box. When you send us textbooks, make sure that even the sides of the box are taped so that nothing falls out of the side, because we don’t want any books to fall out during postal transit.

taped box

well taped box

If I am packing a box of books, I lay all the books flat so the spines are less likely to get jostled around. Then when I’m finished packing the books, I see how much space there is at the top of the box. If there is space, I carefully fold in the sides so that when the boxtop is sealed, there is no space at the top. That way, the textbooks won’t bounce up and down inside the box. If you are selling new textbooks to Booksintocash.Com™, then it is extra important to package them well, so that they will arrive in the same new condition you sent them. Our grading policy is very strict: only new college textbooks that arrive in 100% perfect-and-pristine condition will be assessed the “new” price; otherwise the textbook will be graded as used (unless it is damaged, defective, or doesn’t meet our buyback criteria, in which case it will be disposed of, and not purchased at all). One question might be, “What if the text books get damaged or lost during transit?” Our answer is for you to please spend the money to insure your parcel. Thus, if anything happens to your book shipment during transit, you may be eligible and qualify for a US Postal Serivce insurance claim.


  • Cary M. says:

    The instructions about using more tape sounds like a good idea. Regarding shipping, I would think that the better you seal and secure a parcel, the greater the chances of the books (or any product being shipped) arriving in good condition.

  • Dana Y. says:

    How much tape is a good amount of tape to use? Should I go around the box once or twice? Would it be good to use a strong type of tape?

  • Anon says:

    What an easy and convenient website. I love how it is layed out so neatly and orgainized.

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