Selling Textbooks and Packaging Them

One thing we see day in and day out is that a number of shipments arrive with books packaged very well. The box or envelope arrives at our buyback facility in great condition: the box or package is well sealed, taped extremely well, and the college textbooks inside the package are appropriately contained.

Well Packed Box of Books

Illustration of a well packed box of books.

However, on occasion, we’ll receive a shipment of textbooks that is not packaged well. For example, today we received a rather large box that started splitting open on the sides. The big box was mostly empty; 2 books and 2 cubic feet of air. Along with the 2 books were three wadded up pages from a newspaper used as packing material.

Box of Books Packed Too Loose

Illustration of a box of books packed too loosely.

When I opened the box, I imagined how much those books must have been bouncing around during transit. Bouncing upwards, bouncing around, and to the sides, surely trying to break free of the boundaries of its cardboard cage… Those two books had to be graded as “used textbooks” because even though they sure looked like they would have arrived in new condition had they been packed well, all the sliding around, bouncing and jostling had caused the corners to break (the corners of the textbook covers had actually jutted out the broken sides of the cardboard box), the once-shiny hardback covers were now dull from sliding back and forth, and the once-white page edges of the textbooks were now darkened from the black ink used on newsprint. If I had brand new books that I wanted to ship, I would consider finding a box or package that would have been a good fit for the two books, and make sure it was packaged and sealed appropriately. If I couldn’t find a box that perfectly fit the books, a larger box can sometimes be folded to fit the books, at least so they don’t slide around. When customers wishing to sell textbooks use, we appreciate the opportunity to see if we can buy those books. Every textbook we purchase is a book that can potentially be used by someone that wants that particular book. We want to purchase textbooks; that means we want to buy new and used books that are on our buyback pricing page at the time of purchase. If our visitors go through their bookshelves and find any books, textbooks, study guides, or lab manuals that they are not using and consider to be surplus, then we welcome the chance that our visitors might use our price quote page to see which of those textbooks, if any, we are purchasing. We’ve been on the web, buying textbooks for over 10 years.

BooksIntoCash.Com: Online Since Year 2000

We have been purchasing textbooks online since year 2000

We’ve been buying books from numerous customers who are students, academics, graduate students, scholars, and anyone with unwanted new or used textbooks. The textbooks we may be interested in purchasing cover topics on various disciplines including art, college algebra, business, chemistry, history, university physics, and many other college related educational book subjects. Do you want to sell textbooks? We are buying books right here! Purchasing college textbooks is our specialty. Please visit our site if you wish to see if we can buy your textbooks using our online college textbook buyback service. You may enter the ISBN numbers of your college textbooks into our website if you are want to see if we might buy your books.

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