Selling Textbooks Using Our Online Book Buying Website.

When you have books ready for selling to us, and those are the textbooks we want to buy, you’ll be presented with a “price quote packing slip” that you will print. Printing two copies is important; one copy goes into your shipping parcel, the other copy is for you to keep for your own records. It has the listing of books you’re selling us, the prices for each textbook that we are offering, your name and address, date, and order number. After you’ve printed off both copies (remember: one goes in your box of books, the other you keep for yourself), then when you take your box to be shipped, please consider buying insurance. That will give you more peace of mind knowing your parcel is insured rather than shipping it uninsured.

For example, if you decide to ship your books using USPS (USPS = “the Post Office”), you would fill out the appropriate insurance form at the counter. Currently there are two forms: one if your insuring for less than $500.00, the other if you are insuring for more than $500.00. When you buy this insurance, the clerk will affix half that tag onto your box of used college textbooks and then give you the other half; when you buy insurance this way, you can leave the post office knowing your parcel is insured! If your parcel gets lost during postal transit, or if it gets ruined, you may be eligible for a US Postal Service insurance claim (be sure to read all the applicable post office insured mail rules regarding this.). When you ship your used text books to our textbook buyback and buy insurance you will have the added peace of mind knowing you have insured the parcel. So don’t forget to do that! If for some reason you are in a hurry, or, if you are not near an actual post office and you still want to send us your books without insurance, that is your choice as long as you understand that you are assuming all risk with whatever happens to the parcel during transit. On our end, as long as your parcel arrives safely with or without insurance, we are always happy to be purchasing textbooks. Please note that we buy most current-edition textbooks, including books on chemistry, english, science, sociology, and history books. You can try to sell us math books, math 101 books, and any other new or used current textbooks you have, as long as they show up on our price quote packing slip page.


  • HM Rajzapur says:

    Math textbooks and history books are good to read, and when they no longer serve their purpose, I am happy to sell them to booksintocash. I find that it is a good idea to send them in a sturdy cardboard box that I can tape real well.

  • Vanessa says:

    This is an awesomely cool buy back web site. I am trying to find all my extra books to send in.

  • Carla780 says:

    Books look good on my shelf, but they look even better being used by someone that needs them. Thank you for this opportunity to see if I can sell my unwanted new and used textbooks to you.

  • Dan and Karen says:

    Cool! Nice neat blog. Love it.

  • 78_Kapozio says:

    There are so many times where I have taken packages to the US Postal Service and nothing has ever gotten lost. But I guess sometimes things do get lost on the very rare occasion (that is what insurance is for, I guess). So whenever I think about selling my books to books intocash, I also think what a good idea it is to make sure to insure my parcel. It looks like when using booksintocash I don’t have to bring any money to the post office because the shipping is free. And insurance looks like it is also free so I can save my money to purchase lunch or other things.

  • Don J. says:

    Insurance, shipping and boxing up books only took me a few minutes. It is really fast, and I appreciate all the extra information on this blog. Well done, nicely written.

  • Henrietta I. says:

    This blog is new. I like it.

  • Zerpheeniadia says:

    I am so glad you have such a great website. I would much rather sell and recycle a textbook than to throw it away. It makes me feel so happy, inside, when I see a book being read and used. I am ecstatic that your site buys textbooks online.

  • Pete S. says:

    My parcels always seem to arrive at your warehouse safe and in good condition. I do sometimes send sociology and biology books, but I always package them really carefully in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. Is it okay to use a lot of tape around the sides? I think it is, so I go around the box about 6 times so that the box travels perfectly. I wait a few days and if I have received my payment I’m happy. And I am glad I can visit your site and click on the “order status” page for your quick response.

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