Spring Semester

In the book business, we all know one thing for certain: days, weeks, and months will move by very quickly. As soon as we get used to it being “spring semester,” it will quickly become spring break, and then summer quarter. Summer quarter is followed by fall semester and before you know it, it will be time for colleges, universities, and vocational schools to begin the new season. The new season always seems to entail:

  1. College students selecting their new courses.
  2. Selection of reading materials, books, textbooks, and literature.
  3. The purchase of any accompanying materials (disks, access codes, or whatever may be required).
  4. The focus on learning one’s chosen field of discipline (which may include mathematics, literature, history, liberal arts, business, and reading).
  5. Getting our mind and brain fit for learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

Sometimes the aforementioned happens just once a year, sometimes once per semester, and sometimes once per quarter depending on whatever level by which we choose to educate ourselves. For example, studying an old book may involve a bit of focus. We start to read the text chapter by chapter, learning about the topic being professed by the faculty member who authored the textbook. However, if our focus remains on extracurricular activities (e.g. can’t get my mind off that wonderful boat trip I took during Spring Break), then there may be a necessity to gradually bring our concentration back to the course topic.

In this way, days roll into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. At the end of the process, we strive to emerge even more educated than before, and our field of learning gradually enhanced by what we have learned at college. This website proudly continues as a positive resource; a resource used by countless students across the United States who are attending institutes of higher learning. We continue to welcome new customers and try to “be here” for those who are glad to use our services.

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