Updates to BooksIntoCash.Com ™

Today, some excellent updates were implemented throughout BooksIntoCash.Com™ to increase user-friendliness, content, and a general feeling of trust. Making these changes results in a website that is easier to use than before, and most of all, more fun to use when you want to sell a stack of books to our textbook buyback online.

books from textbook buyback

Textbook Buyback Books

Among the pages that have been updated are the main page, the faculty page, and the order status page. The faculty page continues to have some very useful information on how teachers, college professors, and academics can use the site if they have textbooks to sell. The kinds of books and media we are happy to purchase may include the following if valid prices show up on our price quote chart, and the relevant sales and shipping instructions are followed:

    • Used textbooks.
    • New textbooks.
    • Study guides.
    • Lab manuals and workbooks.
    • Specific CD kits for study.
    • Anatomy, history, mathematics, and english books.
    • Printed matter that shows up on BooksIntoCash.Com™ with a price.
    • Many other student texts, too numerous to mention here.

After our customers have decided to sell their textbooks online to us, they begin the process of boxing up the books, packaging them well, using the information provided our website, and then mailing them to us using our free prepaid mailing label per our instructions. After the books have been mailed, we have an order status page where our customers can check the status of their order. As soon as an order status request is made, a message is sent to the receiving department and a person (not a computer) will personally and manually look up your order and reply with a a response. Because customer service is a high priority, we choose to do it that way. Bear in mind that if you check on an order and you get a response saying your books are on their way, and then an hour later you check on the same order, you may very well get the same response that the books are on their way. It doesn’t mean that a computer has answered your question, it just means that the answer is still the same. If you ask someone what day it is, and then 10 minutes later, you ask what day it is again, you may very well get the same answer. If you ask about the status of your textbook buyback order, and then a few minutes later ask the same question, you may get an identical answer. The improved order page has more content, and a neat photo for a better, more interesting customer experience.

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