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Students: Buying and Selling Textbooks

Students face the question of buying and selling textbooks when they attend college. Even university students who have finished their schooling and have graduated face the same question: should I buy more textbooks? Or should I sell the books I have? This page helps answer some of those questions. Let's start with a list of student's questions about books.

Student Questions About Textbooks
Where can students buy textbooks?
Students can buy textbooks just about anywhere these days, including book sellers online, from other students, from their own college or university bookstore, from an off-campus bookstore, and from just about anywhere textbooks are sold.
Where can students sell textbooks?
Students can sell their text books just about anywhere textbooks are bought. In the olden days there were virtually two choices: their own college bookstore during "buyback season" and, to other students. These days students can go online and find a place like ours which buys textbooks online.
How many college books will you buy?
Booksintocash.Com would like to buy every book you want to sell to us as long as quantity limits and our terms and conditions are followed.
How long until I get paid?
Our book buying process is extremely fast. Payment is issued within 24 hours of our speedy processing.
Can students change their mind about selling books?
Usually students may change their mind right up until the books are actually sold and they become the property of the buyer. In the case of our website, as long as a student hasn't actually shipped their books to us, they are under no obligation to sell textbooks to us and may change your mind at any time.
Where do I bring my texts to?
You can bring your texts to any United States Post Office or franchised mailing center. When shipping books to us, we recommend obtaining insurance as the seller is obligated to make sure their books arrive at our facility in salable condition.
What if there are some textbooks you won't buy?
If there are some college textbooks that we cannot buy, you may wish to consider keeping them or giving them away. Alternatively, you may try to sell them to other college or university students, other bookshops or book buyers.
Is there a limit on what I can ship to you?
We like to try to buy every book you want to sell to us. However, we have some quantity limits that are displayed on our price quote page. We recommend that you send us a quick email and we will immediately respond whether it's okay to send us more than what is displayed.
What textbooks can students sell online?
Booksintocash.Com purchases nearly every popular current edition university-level textbook. When you want to sell textbooks online, we try to be an excellent resource for you.
Is this service confidential?
This service is absolutely confidential to the extent the seller abides by our terms and conditions. That means we never divulge your email address to any third party marketers, mailing lists, or anything like that. Further, if any of your friends, relatives, or colleagues contact us asking about you, we won't even acknowledge their email.
Do you buy both new and used college books from students?
We purchase both new and used textbooks from college students. In fact, we usually offer two different prices: a higher price for books in 100% perfect and pristine condition, and another price for books in used condition.
Will you ever keep a student's books without paying?
We are in the business of buying textbooks. As long as our terms and conditions are followed, we will promptly mail your payment. If for some reason you accidentally (or purposely) send us books we don't want to buy, we will always refer to our terms and conditions and return books when applicable as long as the seller covers related shipping costs.
What kinds of texts to you purchase?
Our online bookbuyer program purchases nearly all current-edition popular college books which are in demand.
How much money will I get?
One of the wonderful things about this web site is that when you input an ISBN number and click the div, a new page will appear showing exactly what we are paying, as well as what our rules are for the sale.
Does it matter how much my books cost?
Our pricing is based on supply vs demand. If you paid a lot of money for your text, but it is in low demand today, the chances are that we won't be able to offer very much money for that book. However, if the book you have is in high demand and you are wanting to use Booksintocash.Com to sell textbooks for cash, you may find we have a very attractive and favorable offering price.
How quickly will you receive my books?
The United States Postal Service is reliable and quick most of the time. How ever long it takes a parcel to travel via "media mail" from your location to our's will be an approximate guideline to how quickly your package will arrive here at the warehouse.
How many times can students sell their textbooks to you?
As many times as we buy from you.
How do I get my payment?
Payment is issued in the form of a check, mailed the same day your shipment arrives at our facility. On occasion, we are asked if we have alternate methods of payment such as cash, online pay services, bank transfer, cashiers' checks, and cash alternatives, but we currently offer payment by check, made out directly to the seller or an entity of the seller's choice such as a charity, institution, or bookstore.
Can I tell my friends about your service?
Yes! Please tell others about Booksintocash.Com. We are confident they will love to sell to us!
Do you buy alternate versions like annotated instructors editions?
We do not buy annotated instructor editions. Student books are usually student versions and faculty books are sometimes "instructors editions."
Do you buy international editions?
No, we do not buy international editions of textbooks. We don't care if some people think that they are "identical" or similar, nor do we have any interest in the reasoning purported by someone wanting to sell international editions of college books. We flat out do not buy them under any circumstances and if you send them, we will not use them!
What is the difference between a new book and a used book?
We assess a "new" or "used" grading based on appearance; if it looks like it just came from the factory and the condition is 100% perfect and pristine, a new grading is given. Otherwise we consider the media to be used. Of course, there are other conditions and gradings we may assess (e.g. "defective," "damaged," etc.). It may be important to note that even if the seller thinks the condition is really, really good, or "super excellent," but we find a crease, marking, bent page, ink, dirt, or other imperfection, we are not going to offer the new price.
How many books do you buy every day?
Some days it's hard to keep count of how many books we buy. What we really pay attention to is the quality of service we offer each and every customer.
How do I begin?
The best way to begin is to arrange the books you want to sell nearby your computer. Ideally, you will be able to view the EAN numbers or the ISBN numbers usually located near your book's barcode. Upon typing these numbers into the input window, our offering prices will appear immediately when you click the div for the editions we are buying.
What can I expect when using this tool for the first time?
When you use our bookselling tool for the first time, you may experience the ease and simplicity our web site offers. We have a great reputation for ease-of-use and clarity.
How much does it cost to ship my media to you?
We recommend using the least expensive mailing service that insures and guarantees safe delivery of your books whereby they arrive at our facility in salable condition.
Do you offer any "student promotional coupons?"
Coupons and promotional offers may be presented, from time to time, in the future. Currently, we have set our buying prices at a level which is optimal for our purposes.
What about selling books to you in bulk?
Bulk textbook sellers ("book dealers") and bookstores are encouraged to contact us prior to selling us more than 20 copies of any individual title or volume. Quite often, we are happy to purchase 50 or more of the same book, provided you email us first and we get approval from our buyers to make such a purchase.
Why should college students use Booksintocash.Com?
An excellent reason for college students to use our service is so that they can experience our prompt and efficient buying service.

Resource for College and University Students
We've compiled a small list of frequently requested "book-related" resources that we have found to be interesting. Please note that because these are resources outside of our purview, we neither endorse nor warrant the content of these resources; rather we present these for educational purposes only:

The US Department of Education has a book pilot program called the Open Textbooks program. Because many students use textbooks frequently, this might be an interesting resource to follow up on.

Here is an interesting article about the use of textbooks by students. It is quite interesting, particularly because we are in the business of buying and selling textbooks from students.

Many students think about the costs of education from time to time. The government has a page that addresses some of these concerns at this page titled "research initiatives" which seems to have lots of information about college, university, and helping fund education. Thoroughly reading the information provided will help get students thinking more about education.

Finally, we are proud of our service members in the military, many of which are considering attending college. This page discusses some of the things students may ask or think about when choosing a college or university.

This website Booksintocash.Com values and welcomes all of our visitors whether they be prospective students, students currently attending college, or students finished with their exams and studies. One doesn't even need to be a student to use this website because we are open to anyone wishing to sell their new and used college textbooks using our service.