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Booksintocash Reviews and Testimonials

We always appreciate the kind and thoughtful testimonials our customers have written. These are always unsolicited, unpaid, genuine comments from our visitors who have taken the time to contact us.

I couldn't believe how quickly I found your site and used it -- in twelve minutes flat. Thank you. This has been on my to do list for a while, to sell my textbook. Thanks for making it so easy. I will use this site at the end of summer school.

. . .and from another very pleased visitor ~

This is the best and easiest website to sell books to. Terri Gajewsk Hubertus, WI

. . .and from another customer ~

I am a new and satisfied customer. My transaction with booksintocash.com has been painless, easy, and honest. What an awesome company! Thanks! -Dalany

. . .and from great happy customer

I've been selling books to David for 11 years now. He has always paid me the highest possible prices. His honesty, and dependability have been qualities I have greatly appreciated over the years, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Robert Branch, Instructor [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from a real wonderful guest

Dear David, Thanks for your promptness in sending me the money. I've appreciated being able to sell my books to you all of which have been in very good condition or better. To future buyers: I have send 3 boxes of books to David and he has accepted all of them without question and paid me the exact prices quoted. I'll continue to send you my textbooks. I've given your web site name to others at the school where I teach. Thanks. William J Jones Jr. [email address removed for privacy] .

..and from yet another customer who likes BooksIntoCash.Com ~

I trusted this website to buy my books from me about a year ago and I was not one bit sorry for it. At the time I visited the website, I was nervous that they would take my books and not send me anything for them. At the end, I did receive the amount they promised me, which was much more of an amount than any of their competitors were willing to pay. I would sincerely recommend selling your books to booksintocash. Thank you, Marilynn, [email address removed for privacy] What magic! I sent my books off less than two weeks ago, and today I received an envelope with a check for the exact price I was quoted. No extra advertisements or plugs for other services I do not need or want, just the payment I am due for the books I sent postage free! Yipee! Thanks. Rachel Wilcox [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another visitor. . .

I was a little skeptical at first, but decided to send my books anyway since I was not pleased with the services of any of the other book buying sites I had visited. Dave sent me an email to let me know when he received my books and I received a cashier's check for the quoted amount from him a few days later. I am very pleased about the ease of his service and the speed in which I was taken care of. Thank you David. Marcie, [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and another great customer. . .

Thanks so much; I received payment today. I am extremely pleased and will be using your service again. Have a great day! You have my full permission to use this in any way you like. I couldn't be happier with the transaction. Amy Jones, [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and another. . .

I loved this site!! I had books floating around from four years ago and confess at first I was skeptical. But I sent the books off anyway, figuring that at least they were out of my house even if I did get ripped off--but I didn't. It was really nice getting a decent sized check for my books. I received the check within four days of my books being received. I am digging up more books right now to send in. I cannot speak highly enough about David. He kept me informed every step of the way about what was going on. If anyone has any questions about David, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Jennifer Head, [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from an A++ customer. . .

I assure you that you'll be MORE than satisfied with David's service. Feel free to email me if you have questions. Ryan Flanagan. [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from a super customer. . .

I've used David's service twice now to send fairly large numbers of textbooks. The service has been excellent, since the check was immediately forthcoming. David's site quotes a price and that price is honored. He also pays for shipping and now allows you to ship the books postage due so that you do not have to lay out any cash. Good work! Bob Frank, instructor [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another customer who likes using BooksIntoCash.Com ~

This service is great - I sold off a few old books and was mailed payment the same day received! David was prompt and polite with every question. I recommend this service over any book buy back option on the web. Omar I Asensio [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another:

The service was great. I shipped my book, and the check arrived quickly. I was also kept informed of everything through my email. Would reccommend this site to everyone. Brooke Sutton [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another customer (faculty with books) who enjoyed this site ~

I just received my check from my first experience selling textbooks to David. I appreciated the considerate way David handled everything from an email to acknowledge receipt of the books to his quick replies to my subsequent questions about payment. I will not hesitate to do business with you again in the future. Thanks. Debby Leigh [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another customer who visited ~

BooksIntoCash is the best site that buys textbooks that I have found. The site is well-designed and easy to use. David is always very prompt and courteous in responding to any questions I may have, and he mails payment quickly. Frankly, I no longer sell textbooks to any other site! I highly recommend the site. Congrats to David on a job well done! Jill Grishom, Instructor [email address removed for privacy]

. . .and from another customer who used our service ~

Dear David, I just received your check for my textbooks. I really admire the quick way you handled the matter. I'm impressed by the way you do business, and I will make sure to tell everyone that I know of your great business, and I will always sell my books to you. Thank you again. Saleh Abdulgawi [email address removed for privacy] P.S. Feel free to use this on your website if you wish.

. . .another customer ~

Hi. I received your check listed above. Thank you very much. I have even sent you a couple of other shipments. . .Thank you so much for your prompt, personal service. I will highly recommend your site where possible. I have never sold anything on the Internet before and I was very pleased with the ease of your service. And when you say you will answer within 24 hours - you really do. How wonderful to deal with a person whose actions match their words. I thank you for everything and if I have any more books which match your needs list, I will send them promptly. I wish you the best. Helen Maier [email address removed for privacy]

. . .from a customer long ago ~

I will recommend you to everyone I know and pass along the quality of your business and your high work ethics. Thanks for everything. Kathy Day

Thank you, again, to all who have written such wonderful comments!