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Bookstores and Textbook Merchants

Booksintocash.Com welcomes college and university bookstores, online and brick-and-mortar textbook merchants, textbook buyers, and any company in the textbook buying industry.

College Bookstores
We love purchasing overstock from on-campus and off-campus college bookstores. We understand that when instructors provide required textbook lists to their college bookstores, those stores will subsequently obtain quantities of new or used books for the students. In some cases, a portion of those may not get used for whatever reason. Whenever a book store has an overstock condition, they are very welcome to contact us with whatever quantity of new or used texts they have to sell. We have the ability to consider using various logistics and shipping methods including the use of next day and second day services, ground and freight trucking delivery methods (we've received shipments of books by the pallet), as well as various postal methods. When a bookstore sends us books (whether it be one used textbook or a shipment of 500 books on a pallet), our processing and turnaround time is extremely fast. Payment is sent within one day of our speedy processing! College campus bookstores should feel free to contact us at any time.

Textbook Merchants
If you in the book business—a bonafide bulk textbook merchant—we require you to contact us first so that we may discuss our terms, conditions, guidelines and restrictions. Though we welcome bulk textbooks purchases, we have rules, restrictions and quality controls the we ourselves must follow. It is important to us that our textbook merchant customers are "on the same page" as our values. We forbid booksellers engaging in incorrect, deceptive, or fraudulent procedures such as dealing in defective or counterfeit merchandise. Therefore, we implement several public and proprietary/private quality control measures to prevent such activity. Although all visitors who use Booksintocash are required to abide by our policies, book merchants who attempt to circumvent our policies must agree to be assessed an administrative fee of not less than $100.00 for any extra time, trouble, or resources involved when such violations occur (obviously, bookdealers are presumed to 'know' more about books, book specifications and requirements, more than the lay person). That is why we require our legal page to be read, understood, and agreed upon in its entirety before engaging in business with us.

We have found that most merchants indeed abide by the same standards of high quality as we do; we have enjoyed their business over the years and look forward to many years of good business to come!