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Bookstores and Textbook Buyers

Booksintocash.Com welcomes college and university bookstores, online and brick-and-mortar textbook stores, bookbuyers, textbook dealers and brokers—any company in the textbook buying industry!

College Bookstores
We love purchasing overstock from on-campus and off-campus college bookstores. Over 30 years of experience has made us very familiar with the various logistics and shipping involved in buying large quantity overstock including the use of next day and second day services, ground and freight trucking delivery methods with our loading docks accepting large LTL delivery of books by the pallet. Whether your bookstore has one used textbook or pallets of books with 500 books per pallet, our processing and turnaround time is always extremely fast, with payment sent within one day of our speedy processing! College campus bookstores should feel free to contact us at any time.

Textbook Buyers
If you are in the book business—a bonafide textbook buyer—we'd love to hear from you! Definitely contact us if you've been in the book business for a long time, as we've got some amazing features perks deals and special quotes we can offer you. We're always interested in the larger quantities that bookbuyers can provide. If you big quantities, e.g. 50, 100, 200 copies of the same book, definitely contact us first so we can work on making the best deal possible with you, as well as go over our terms, high quality standards, and guidelines. Please feel free to contact, call, text, or email us to find out the best deals we can offer you.