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BooksIntoCash buys textbooks. We have chosen the unique specialty of buying textbooks online from students, faculty, and academics who wish to sell books via the web. We are an online "textbook buyback" website that focuses our attention on creating a venue whereby our visitors can easily and quickly sell texts while receiving among the highest possible prices on the net.

PAYMENT ~ How do I receive payment for unwanted textbooks?
This website begins with an instant quote form which allows you to input the ISBN numbers located on the outside back cover of your textbooks. You can type them in any order, with spaces, without spaces, any way you wish. After you click the Sell Books button, price quotes will be instantly displayed.

PRICE QUOTE CHART ~ Can you explain the Price-Quote Chart?
The Price Quote Chart is how we display the prices we offer for your books. Prices are updated slightly once a month, so by printing out this chart, enclosing it with your books, and shipping within the time allotted on the price quote chart, it insures you will receive payment exactly as quoted. The rest of the chart shows the complete book information to match the ISBN numbers you've typed in. The last two columns of the chart show the prices you will receive if the books arrive in NEW or USED condition.

ORDER NUMBER ~ What does the Order Number at the top of the chart mean?
After you've finished pricing your books, you will click the button titled "Create Packing Slip." Your Order Number will then appear at the top of the chart. This is simply a reference number for you in case you needed to ask us questions about your shipment. For example, if you shipped your books on Monday, and on Wednesday you want to know if your books have arrived, you would go to our Order Status page and enter the Order Number to find out if your books arrived.

ACCOMPANIMENTS ~ Meaning of "Must Have CD" or "W/Access?"
If our Price Quotes do not display a required accompaniment, then we don't need anything other than the book itself. However, if our Price Quotes indicate a required accompaniment, then you must include those indicated accompaniments to receive payment! If you don't include the accompaniment, but send those book anyway, you agree those books a.) will not be returned under any circumstances, b.) may not be bought for less, and b.) may not be bought at all. Rather than take chances on sending a book missing a required accompaniment, it would be best to contact us first.

$0.00 PRICE ~ What does a listing of "0.00" or "books not found" mean?
It's a "supply and demand" thing; for whatever reason, we are not currently purchasing that particular textbook at this time. Please don't send those as they'll discarded and not returned.

GRADING BOOKS ~ Can you explain the grading of textbooks "new" and "used?"
We make every effort to grade as many books as, "new," as possible. Your satisfaction is very important to us! However, many books end up being graded as, "used," since to receive a, "new," grading, books must be in *perfect* condition upon arrival at our facility: with no visible wear, writing, bent corners, dented corners, shelf wear, or damage whatsoever. Otherwise, books we buy from you will be priced at the, "used," price. The length of time you've had your books has no bearing on our grading. What is relevant is the condition of your textbooks upon arrival at our warehouse. Please understand that it is ultimately in our best interest to grade as many books as, "new," as possible, because the more money you receive for your books, the happier you will be with our service, thereby increasing the chance you will become a repeat customer! Since we cannot return used textbooks to you which you expected to be graded as new, it is your responsibility to pack your new books very carefully and ensure safe delivery.

NEW AND USED ~ Can a book be old, and still be new?
Yes! The grading and pricing of books as NEW or USED has nothing to do with the copyright date, i.e. a book with a 1975 copyright date can be graded as NEW if it arrives in pristine condition, but a book with a year 2002 copyright, however, might be graded as USED if the book is worn, written in, or scratched.

WRITING AND HIGHLIGHTING ~ Are books with highlighting or writing allowed?
Please count the number of pages on which your book is written in or highlighted. 5 pages or less? No problem! But, if there are more than 5 pages highlighted, please contact us, first, for approval. Under no circumstances will we purchase workbooks or study-guides with writing on more than 5 pages. Books with an excessive and outrageous amount of highlighting or writing may be graded as damaged, subject to our discretion.

ISBN NUMBERS ~ Why do some textbooks have two ISBN numbers on the back cover?
Books with two ISBN numbers on the back cover almost always have a notation next to each ISBN number indicating which ISBN number goes to the book you have in front of you. It is very important to enter the correct ISBN number for pricing -- otherwise, you agree your book may be requoted upon arrival at our facility, at our sole and non-negotiable discretion. If you have any questions or concerns about which is the correct ISBN number, then please feel free to contact us for a very quick reply. Learn more about ISBN numbers.

We are happy to buy current instructors edition complimentary copies, unless they are annotated. We do not buy "international" overseas versions of books. Here's our rule of thumb:To price instructor editions, use the student version ISBN found on the title page inside the book (the instructor ISBN from the back cover won't show up in our database). We will pay 1/3 the student-version used price displayed.

Annotated books are books with annotations, teaching tips, or answers throughout the book. Make sure your book doesn't say "annotated" on the cover. International versions are meant for overseas, and will be labeled as such on the cover. Sending either annotated or international version books will result in them being destroyed without payment.

You may notice some fairly expensive books appear printed very "inexpensively" as if the book had been copied on a copy machine. The cover might be crooked, the pages might be a lower quality black-and-white print, or even greyscale. The binding glue may not be of the same quality as your other books. If the book in question is definitely legitimate and legally copied, it is likely it is a "Print on Demand" book. That's when the book's manufacturer has already printed the original copies ("print run") and suddenly a school somewhere needs a few more copies printed. Rather than reboot the entire original printing press, a special "print-on-demand" print run happens. The reason we do not purchase these "print on demand" books is because they may bear a resemblance to pirated books ("counterfeit textbooks"). Even though the "print on demand" books may be 100% genuine, legitimate copies, we just don't buy them! Counterfeiting is such a very serious issue, that we don't even want to buy books bearing any resemblance to counterfeits.

NOVELS AND OTHER BOOKS ~ Do you buy other books, or just textbooks?
We focus on purchasing college textbooks. However, if you have books that you wish to sell, and you are not sure if they are considered "textbooks," or not, please feel free to enter the ISBN numbers into our website. If a price value appears, then we can buy them!

SHIPPING ~ Shipping Policies and methods.
Please ship books by the "ship by" due date on your packing slip. To provide the most options, we allow books to be shipped using any major carrier that provides tracking and insurance (e.g. USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.). Upon arrival at our facility, we will reimburse the USPS "Media Mail" rate on the books we buy from you. You'll be responsible for safe delivery of your books, so you may wish to purchase and cover any insurance cost. Please note that we do not reimburse additional fees over and above the "Media Mail" rate (e.g. insurance, signature confirmation, etc.), as they are your choices and your responsibility.

WHEN DO I GET PAID ~ Payment: How fast is it? What form is it sent?
We are fast. We don't "hold your books" or wait for them to be resold. With few exceptions (discrepancies, delays, etc.), payment is usually mailed within one day of our speedy processing.

CANADA AND OVERSEAS ~ Canada and outside USA: Can I sell textbooks from outside the USA?
Yes, we welcome books from Canada as well as from other countries. However, we require you to contact us first to make special arrangements so that if your parcels take longer to arrive than shipments originating from within the USA, they won't be flagged as "late" or "delayed."

NO PRINTER ~ I don't have a printer available. Is that okay?
No problem. You'll have to replicate the "Price Quote Packing Slip" by hand, and write our shipping address on the box by hand: Booksintocash.Com, 49 E. Weile Avenue, Spokane WA 99208. Upon arrival, we will process your parcel exactly as if you had used a printer.

PRINTING PROBLEMS ~ What about "printer problems" and pages that don't print correctly?
Usually, setting your printing preferences to "fit to page" and "print backgrounds" works best for us. Just do the best you can. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for help.

FORGOT PACKING SLIP ~ What if I don't enclose a packing slip, because I don't have the time?
No problem. We will process your shipment exactly as if you had enclosed a packing slip.

MULTIPLE QUANTITIES ~ How many DUPLICATE copies of the same book can I send?
As many as our system allows, up to a total of 25 copies per month per party* without prior authorization necessary. If you have more than 25 copies, simply contact us for approval. Whatever you do, please do not enlist alternate addresses or associates to circumvent the 25-copy-per-month rule. Just contact us.

INSURANCE ~ Insurance, missing books, damage and delays.
Although the major carriers are generally reliable, there is always a chance for delays, damage, and loss. Because it is your responsibility to ensure your books arrive at our facility per our condition requirements, you may wish to insure your box of books. For example: you bring your box of books to the Post Office and say to the clerk "I wish to buy insurance on this box of books worth X amount of dollars (the amount on your Price Quote Packing Slip)." When you purchase insurance this way, you'll have the peace of mind that you may request an insurance claim should the Post Office be responsible for any damage or loss.

I CHANGED MY MIND ~ Can I get my books back if I change my mind?
You can always choose not to ship your books to us, even if you already created a "sell order." However, once your books arrive at our facility we cannot cancel your order.

PRIVACY ~ What about my privacy? Is this service confidential?
Unless you willingly involve other parties in your transaction, or unless we feel there's a valid reason, we have no intention of discussing your transactions with your peers, friends, or colleagues (or even people "claiming" to be your friend or colleague). We encourage you to review our privacy policy.

We have streamlined the process to give you the best, fastest service possible. Thank you for exploring BooksIntoCash! If you have any more questions, please contact us for a fast reply.