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Faculty With Books or Textbooks To Sell?

Yes! We do buy instructor's editions! To price these, you'll have to find the "Student Version ISBN Number" on your book (instructor ISBNs won't work). The Student ISBN Number is usually found inside your book on the copyright page. Sometimes the student isbn will be on the outside back cover labeled "STUDENT VERSION ISBN" and you can use that number. We will pay 1/3 the used price for the student version as long as your instructor edition is not annotated.

Annotated Instructors Editions
Although we buy instructor's editions, we won't buy books that are "annotated" because they usually have all the answers or they have instructor teaching tips written throughout the book. You'll have to browse through your book to make sure. A couple tips: 1.) Annotated instructors editions usually say "ANNOTATED" across the front cover. 2.) If your instructor's edition book is NOT a math book, it's probably okay! We will probably be able to buy it! 3.) However, if your instructor's edition book is a mathematics (algebra, precalc, etc.), it is very likely annotated and we won't be able to buy it. Check your math books carefully.

Brand New Instructor? What is an Instructor's Edition?
Instructors with textbooks, faculty with books, teachers, academics, and professors with either student textbooks or faculty books may want to sell their books for cash. Do you have instructors editions that don't have a "student version" ISBN number on the cover? Simply contact us and we will email you back right away with an offer if we can buy them. Otherwise, type in the "student version" ISBN number of your books onto our website and see our offering prices displayed instantly. It's that easy! Countless instructors sell textbooks to generate funds that can benefit students, charities, scholarship funds, and all kinds of programs, the list is endless. There are shelves everywhere with books that are never getting used. While some of these books are regular student version textbooks, some will say "annotated instructors edition," and some will say "complimentary copy." If you are a faculty member with unused and unwanted textbooks, we invite you to price them out on our website. With our fast payment and state-of-the-art recycling program, the opportunity to generate real cash by selling textbooks to us should not be overlooked. We've been around for a long time—two decades—buying books from instructors, faculty, students, and we've made it easy by entering ISBN numbers and clicking a button to see our prices.

Some Book Stores Sell Instructors Editions
Some college campus bookstores sell instructors editions to their students. Many bookstores sell a mix of new and used textbooks, and some bookstores include faculty's books ("instructors editions") as part of their used book mix if they determine the instructors editions have the same teachable content as student version books. Since a lot of large and popular college bookstores choose to sell instructors editions, we know that used instructor edition books can have demand just like regular used student version textbooks. Therefore, if you are a faculty member, we welcome you! We are happy to buy, sell, and purchase any current-edition college textbooks that are presently sold in bookstores.

Some Places Sell Complimentary Copies
We have found that some book stores sell complimentary copies of textbooks that have been previously owned by students. If a student owns a book, and it is a "complimentary copy" and then chooses to sell it to either their bookstore, or to a book buyer who recycles the textbook, then it may end up being sold at a store that sells textbooks. If they sell instructor edition textbooks, it is usually the case that the content of those books is not different than regular student version books, because if there are answers in the books then the store may choose not to sell those. Do we buy complimentary copies? When a bookseller or individual, or faculty with books sells their textbooks to us, we are happy to purchase those books owned by faculty. When students sell us their books, we are happy to buy those student editions.

They Sell Free Copies!
Who's they? Well, we have found that some students and faculty own books that are books marked "free copy." So, we call those "free copy textbooks," because they are often given away to people. Are you looking for a place to sell free copies, or are you looking for a place to buy free copies? If you are the owner of free copy textbooks, and you are looking to sell free copy textbooks, then it is an amazing coincidence that you are reading this. Obviously just because something is free doesn't mean we want to buy it. But, if you are an instructor or faculty member who owns some textbooks that are "free copy" versions, we would be happy to buy the books that are currently sold in many bookshops and stores throughout the US.

Some Students and Instructors Sell Exam Copies
When college instructors are given books to review, they might call those books "exam copies." These exam copies may eventually end up being sold, used by students and then sold, or, given away, kept as reference, or recycled. Once I asked an instructor if they would ever sell exam copies and they said they prefer to give them to their students. I told that instructor that I did not want to purchase their exam copies because I was happy they were giving their books away to students.

When college instructors think of words like "complimentary copies, instructors' editions," "faculty, books, selling textbooks," etc., they may find this web site very interesting. We like to make it clear that those who use this website must follow and agree to our policy; the books you sell here must belong to you (not belong to other parties, other faculty members, etc.) and that you must make sure you have a good use in mind for any money you receive for these books. Here is a handy reference list. Clicking on one of these topics will point you to our discussion regarding these book topics:

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We have been online since year 1999. That is a long time. We are very good at buying textbooks from faculty and students. We welcome you to contact us at any time by email or phone.